Playing is good for your embouchure...


Born in Manchester, England in 1941. During the Second World War. Somehow survived that.

Grew up in Canada. Lived also in Sydney, Australia, and Papua New Guinea. Lived in Japan since 1974.


Documentary TV cameraman. Composer of dance and film music. Ballet Character Performer
Ballet Characters:

Ballet Character roles performed

Carabosse in
Sleeping Beauty
Dr. Coppelius in
Wicked Stepmother in
Drossellmayer in
Don Quixote in
Don Quixote

Ballet and Dance Music Compositions
etc ete etc.

Member of music organizations

Bliki Circus - Gypsy Punk
Floating Room - Duo - Electronics Trumpet and Guitar
Canadian Sunset - Duo Trumpet/Vocal with Guitarist Akira Fukuma
Jazz Junction - Big Band
Greenhorn Jazz Orchestra - Big Band
Tone Friendlies - Dance and Enka Band
Trumpet and Butoh - Various Dancers

Eastern High School of Commerce, Toronto
Cinematography, trumpet, video editing, music composition